Struggling to lose weight?

You may be eligible to participate in a new weight loss clinical study.

Non-Invasive Weight Loss Research Study -
Now Enrolling New Participants

If you struggle with losing weight or appetite control, you may be interested in a new, no cost research study now being conducted at select medical centers in the U.S.

The study is for an investigational, non-invasive neurostimulation device. The device is a wearable, battery operated patch worn on the abdominal area just below the ribcage. The device is worn for 30 minutes before and after meals and sends low-level electrical signals to stimulate nerves that are associated with your stomach and digestive system.

If you qualify and choose to join the study, you will receive all study-related care at no cost. The study lasts up to 3 months, and involves a total of 5 visits to your local study center. As a study participant, you will also be reimbursed for your time and travel to attend these visits.

See If You Qualify

To see if you might qualify for the study, and to get connected with your local study center to discuss the study further, please take the questionnaire below.